Friday, May 20, 2016

A cleaning tornado...

I'm thankful that the rain is over for a while, but I would've LOVED it if the winds left, too.  I really don't remember winds like this in previous years, but then again, I rarely remember previous years... :)

Because I don't like the wind, I stayed out of it as much as possible.  I decided to clean out my shed as I can barely get into it and I certainly can't find anything in it.  Stuff just got stuffed into it over the Winter.

I blew through it... (pun intended)... and is it ever a sweet feeling to be able to walk into it and find what I need.

I repurposed a kids storage unit into a garden version and I like how everything is corralled.  Steve swept the place for me and rearranged the tools on a rubber mat.

Now... my greenhouse will need a cleaning.  I did throw a lot away but I mean, it's still windy and it had to go SOMEWHERE...

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