Monday, May 23, 2016

Black and blue-berries....

The garden has been taking over our days and nights and if we're not working on it... we're thinking about what to work on in it.  Steve told me the other morning that he hasn't been sleeping well.  He can't shut his brain off.  It seems his brain keeps designing and making lists.  Poor thing.  I didn't tell him about MY brain doing the same things.

The blueberry beds are our next task.  After Steve got all of the boxes screwed together in the garage, we laid them out so he could mark the area to dig for each one.  Day 1 and he's just getting started.

Day 2 and I was working in the actual garden area when I looked over and saw a substantial portion of him in the ground in the second hole.  I mentioned that the beds were not going to need to be that deep.  He said that he was trying to get as many rocks out as he could.  I believe that may mean a hole that reaches China.

They were manicured very well and it's looking like we have a couple graves on our land.  Still, I think we only need about 8 inches dug out and that this is overkill.

The pile of rocks from just these 2 holes is substantial.  It seems a lot of work to just turn around and put most of the dirt back into the holes.  I had only been planning on adding in mulch, compost and that garden soil we'd bought when we did the garden.  And maybe a little peat moss.  I think that he's adding more work to this task than there needs to be.

After these 2 holes were dug I think I noticed that Steve was creaking and pinging more than he usually does.  I also heard a few painful sounds from him when we went to bed.  These blueberry beds will make him really strong...

... or they may require days off to recuperate and aspirin therapy...

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