Friday, May 6, 2016

♫ "Raaain drops, falling on my heaaaddd..."♫

The rain has been falling off and on most of the day, but I got out early and planted some herbs.  I figure I'm NOT going to let the squirrels around here do ALL the work.

Cilantro and flat-leaf parsley.  I hope they do well as I'm not really sure what the weather will be like for the rest of the week.  Probably didn't need to water them but I had no way of knowing if rain would give them enough.

No sun out while taking this picture, but I finally got my gift from my mom up on the shed.  Isn't is cute?  I've been waiting for Spring to get here to do it as snow and the like wouldn't be good for it.  It's an irony that I hung it just as rain came... but there you go.

We both stayed in for most of the day.  Steve was going to finish the second little hoop he was working on in the garage, but he sat on the couch and hasn't moved.  I'd better check on him.  He's sleeping or he's dead...

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