Monday, May 16, 2016

Seeds and seedlings galore...

The garden has warmed up nicely and I've planted most of the seeds I was holding back until May 11th (last freeze date).  So, leaf lettuce, romaine, beets, spinach, carrots, chives and clumping onion seeds are in.  

I'm still watering to get weeds up and while doing the onion planting I came across another squirrel hoard.   I wish everything grew as well as sunflower seeds.  I really do wish the chickens had been here as all these shoots are going to waste.  It seems I can't get the birds at the bird feeders to eat them.

The pumpkin seedlings are out with me to harden off.  They have been the most spectacular of all the seedlings I've coaxed up and I sure hope that they do well producing this Fall.  I've also brought out tomato and romaine seedlings to harden off, but neither of them are looking very well.  I will probably be hitting the local nursery for Roma tomatoes.

The very last hoop is done.  I took this picture of Steve hard at work on Saturday.   I went through all of my leftover pieces of netting and found three pieces that covered it.  I hope to get the rest of my seeds in under it tomorrow.

Supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm betting the seeds will be drinking up some of it.  I think we've set a record for rain days before Summer even gets here. El NiƱo certainly is making a mark on our mountain this year.

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