Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Still getting the posts and wires up so we are finally done with this garden. Ha! I definitely don't think we'll ever, truly, be done with this garden but it was nice to think of it that way.

We hit the local hardware store for more posts.  I don't believe we will need any more for quite a while, so this part of getting the garden ready is almost over. It's great that Steve has the strength to pound them into the hard ground we have on this mountain.  I fear my OCD will set in, though, as the posts aren't all that straight.  Rocks galore kept them from going in well. Still, they'll do the job with the netting to keep most pests out. 

(By the way, like Steve's neon-orange shorts?  Yeah, me neither.  I think he thought them a great bargain.  He said that this way he'll be safe from any hunters. I say he'll be safe from EVERYONE!)

The wires are almost strung for netting.  I'd tried doing some of it with thinner wire because I couldn't do much with the heavy gauge he'd used before. He went along behind me and added the stronger wire.  Love him! 

A story here... Ziva was left in the house while we hit the store.  We came home to find that she'd eaten a quarter-pound of butter that'd been left on the counter.  She was scolded.  Now, in this picture, she's either still sorry she ate that butter, or she's having a tummy-ache.  Anyway, she's been very subdued this afternoon.

Winds are due in tomorrow so unsure how much we get done.  Let's hope we get something done ....

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