Monday, May 30, 2016

... and it's back to town for happy campers...

The American, 101st Airborne, Police Mourning in Memoriam flags

The holiday is about over.  Traffic has been streaming out of the mountains since dawn.  Hearing several fire trucks, ambulances and sheriff's sirens so it may not be going well.  Smoke is drifting through the town from a fire in the forest West of us.  The news was saying there's about 45 fires in Arizona right now, so that doesn't bode well for the rest of the summer.  Praying that everyone arrives safely home.

Yesterday, Steve and Ziva headed out to show off the 5 ton truck.  It's something he has to do especially over the Memorial and July 4th holidays. It's a querk, I know, but he could have worse ones so it's acceptable.

We received a message late yesterday for a ride for a local school teacher, her kids and relatives.  So, he has just headed out again.  The traffic is so terrible that he's hoping to stay on side streets.  I hope they have fun.

The last few days were still filled with the blueberry bed construction.  The frames are almost done.  Just awaiting their rabbit-wire-fence-gopher-protection. Steve has found a way of blocking it to fit in just right for stapling into the wooden frames.

I also put some fire under his feet by already buying the plants.  There weren't many there on our last trip into town, so I bought what I could.  Only need 2 more.  He's out working on them today, so the planting is almost here.

Happy Memorial Day!

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