Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The angels have been bowling today...

I guess when they said rain was coming... THEY MEANT RAIN WAS COMING. We've been stuck inside today as we've had 6 hours of a lightning and rain storm along with drizzle in between.  

Now, I usually love rain and thunder.  There's something about thunder that is calming to me, or at least it was when I lived in the valley of the sun.  Up here, thunder is more intense and let's just say that the lightning is closer, so I don't go walking out in it like I did in the valley.  Still, it's been invigorating.

I did get some things done Monday and Tuesday.  I noticed that I seem to have provided just the right growing conditions for my potatoes.  If you look closely, there are sprouts coming up.  In fact, both dirt potato cylinders have sprouts. 

There is nothing going on in the straw potato cylinder unless you count the straw that is actually growing.  These are not the sprouts I'm looking for.

Yesterday, I also got butternut squash and zucchini into one of the new beds. It's sad that the butternuts are not mine, as we all know my seeds didn't sprout. NOT ONE!  However, the little zuke at the far end of this picture is mine. WooHoo!  

The other new bed was going to be MY acorn squash bed.  They let me down, too.  I guess it's time to try and find acorn squash at the nursery.

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