Monday, June 13, 2016

Chick teenagers... who knew....

Eleven are MUCH more work than six.  And noisier.

We'd moved them to the living room but you can hear them everywhere.  I don't know what they are saying to each other, but they do it at a loud volume. They are still doing the flying thing, which has caused more problems.

They'd bank off the sides of the crate or fly to the top of the waterer or food dish and spill everything when they'd take off.  So, they had no water to drink but were sitting in it.  The puppy pads could only handle so much water, too. This made it necessary to take the chicks out of the crate and put them back into half of it and hang metal bars to hold the waterer and food dispenser up off the floor of the crate.  We put the rabbit fencing back on top of the half-crate so they can't gain any altitude and get onto any dispensers.

After fixing that problem we headed outside to work on the chicks new digs.   It was so nice that we had visitors here to help in this.  Two strong backs are just what we needed.  Now, there are technically not any new digs, but to the chicks the place will be almost new.  

I haven't been able to open the west cage door since the roof went on.  The cage wasn't level and the tilt kept that side too high.  Enter two energetic friends and that problem was fixed.  The high side was lifted and dirt removed.  Once that was corrected...

... the guys laid out the rabbit fencing that was supposed to go on the ground and keep varmints out.  I'm not sure this was as necessary as it was before Ziva moved in, but it was finished.

The fence was anchored with garden staples.  We will leave one area open as we are hoping to have electricity run to the coop this summer.

There was a little excitement while working at the coop.  Ziva was nosing around the pile of blocks near the run and flushed out baby rabbits.  She killed one; one ran north and we lost it, and one just froze.  We didn't want this one killed so it was protected until we decided what to do with it.  In the end we found another rabbit hole and slipped the baby into it.  I hope rabbit moms are forgiving about fosters just put into their home.

Now we just need to do some landscaping around the coop.  Looks like the girls will be in it soon.  

Only one more thing really needed.  A roost bar that'll fit 11.

Afterall, we don't want any sibling rivalry causing skirmishes at night....

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