Monday, June 27, 2016

Eating my words... they're a little crunchy...

Yep, had to eat some words because I made a statement a few posts ago that I wasn't sure if we ever saw 60's as the low in our mountains.  I thought we were always around 40-50 at night.  It's been 62-64 every night since so I guess we ended up picking the perfect time to send the chicks to their new home

Of course, them handling everything well didn't stop me from worrying about them at night.  Afterall, they are still babies.  I had a hard time sleeping but they seem to love every minute of their freedom from the crate. 

Monsoon is here with thunder every afternoon.  The girls deal with it now, but the first crack scattered them like confetti. 

I sit on a stool in the run with them every day trying to get them to come to me and not be afraid...

... and fill their treat ball with spinach and other tempting treats.  The last group of girls never got comfortable with the ball and ran from it.  I let it hang from the minute these girls went inside.  They seem to like spinach and lettuce, but don't bother with oregano and parsley.

The roost is now being used pretty-much full time.  They sometimes walk along it like tightrope walkers.  I'm still waiting to see how the pole holds up when they are all 6 pounds.

I now have 3 girls that come up to me to be picked up.  Two golds and a black. I had to get this picture when they decided to walk across the roost and then up my knee to my arm.  One is on my shoulder, too.  I'm hoping all of them will get this comfortable as I don't want the problems I had before when I needed to clip nails or check them for injuries.  

Three girls have names now because I can pick them out.  Blackie, Whitey and White Butt.  I can't really pick out the others.  The rest are all named Cutie....

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