Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fancy squirrel patrol in progress...

It's hot again today which is typical weather for monsoon.  Ziva is actually out under a tree where she's trapped another fancy squirrel. This is unusual because by this time of day she's usually laying under the ceiling fan in the family room.  The squirrel today is probably one of many she has treed.  They don't seem to learn.

I only allow one squirrel to stay in the yard unmolested.  He climbs the trees on the property and even brings his own gear to do so.  Doesn't steal seed and suet from the feeders.  A true gentleman.  

Been watering the blueberry plants every third day.  They have all produced new growth and even some ripe berries.  Steve has eaten two.  Says they're pretty good.  Today I found another ripe one but by the time Steve got there to pick it a robin flew off with it.  We've bought the poles and fencing for an enclosure, but it'll need to wait until after the holiday.  I've already resigned myself to few berries this year.

Steve's out replacing 2 "L" corner couplings on the tall hoop.  They've snapped. I guess that might be an ongoing problem for this hoop as it so very top-heavy. It still tries to pull me over the bed when I lift it for weeding purposes. All that weight pulling against the corners... not good.

Other than that one problem the hoops are stellar.  Everything is protected in the beds and things are starting to move quickly.  More leaf lettuce and spinach than we can eat so the "girls" are swimming in it.  Yesterday, I had a couple broccoli leaves break off and I threw them into the run.  

Now, I knew how my last group of 5 girls reacted to broccoli.  Eleven girls going at each other made me run in to referee before any injuries were acquired. 

Death by broccoli is NOT how I want any of the girls to leave me....

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