Monday, June 20, 2016

MAN! Is it hot, or WHAT?...

Our temps in the garden today have made it abundantly clear that there is some sort of tunnel to Hell appearing in our mountains.  Actually, it was probably a tunnel to the Phoenix metro area, but it amounted to the same thing.  

I did the garden watering before 7:30 this morning because, after the highs yesterday, I KNEW something hot was coming.  Later, my prediction was correct.

After the watering it was time to bring in my 1st harvest.  Lettuce and spinach for salads tonight.  I hope the beds aren't scorched this week.

I was going to veg in the house out of the heat all day but, Steve talked me into a store trip to buy items to finish a run roost for the girls.  While working on it, the temps reached 111.8 degrees.  

It'll be a rigged system but I think it'll work.  PVC pipe, closet rod hangers and a lot of wire.  I still think the girls will prefer being outside of the coop while it's boiling outside.  Hope it turns out great, but I won't know until tomorrow morning. 

The heat made it impossible for me to stay outside, so I drug Steve and Ziva in and we're under ceiling fans for the night.  Last night it was impossible to sleep. We finally rinsed off under the shower and laid under fans.  I believe it's getting time to hit the home improvement stores and get a window cooler unit.

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