Friday, June 17, 2016

♫"Smoke to the left of me, fires to the right"♫

... OK, that's not really how the song goes, but it's fitting for our mountain right now.  Fires in the Show Low area were added to the fires near the Young area. We are smack-dab in the middle of firestorms.  

I will take these problems over what might happen this weekend in the valley.

THIS is why we moved up to the mountains.  We lived through the valley's all-time high of 122 degrees and it looks like that record may fall soon.  Today there has been a steady stream of vehicle traffic, so I believe that many residents of the valley are heading up before Sunday.  

I've been out watering the garden and Steve's working on the chicken coop. He's trying to find natural items to make new roosts of.  Not many straight limbs out there. Otherwise, it's head into town for closet rods.  

I'd like a long roost inside the run for the hot nights that'll be coming.  I foresee the 11 of them wanting to be in the cool night air instead of being inside the coop.  'Course, they could make a fool of me, too.  

As you see in the picture, they are developing quite well.  The black girls all seem to have brown breasts. The gold girls are varied between very light and darker with brown stripes.  I'd love to get them outside now but it's still 40 at night and experts say to put them out when it's 60 at night.  Come to think of it, I don't even know IF we stay above 60 at night even in summer.  It's more likely that it gets to the 40's.

Last week...

It seems like every time I walk by the potato towers that I need to add dirt. Man, are they growing fast.  Wonder if it's the heat.  I've had to send Steve for more dirt, twice.  These 2 pics are of the soil towers.  The straw tower is just slightly behind these 2.  It requires more straw all the time, too.  I hope this means we will be swimming in potatoes at harvest...

.... mmmmmm, potatoes, butter and sour cream.....

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