Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer swelter has arrived....

Supposedly the fire West of us has doubled in size.  I say supposedly because there has been no smoke choking us for the last day.  That has been a blessing.  It's been hot here today, though.  

Today my garden thermometer was at 101 degrees at 2:00 PM which is very hot for us.  We have no air conditioner and it was hard to sit under a ceiling fan in the house and try to get cool.  I decided I could take it though since the valley was at 114 today.  And tomorrow? They are scheduled for 116 degrees. On days like this I'm so glad we moved to the mountains.

My butternut squash seem to be doing fine.  I watered them much more today. I'm still sad that none of my seeds grew and that I needed store-bought plants.

Remember the luscious green and full pumpkin plants I grew and was hardening off earlier?  They didn't do very well once they were planted and I don't know why.  This heat has made them look even worse.  They, however, aren't doing as bad as the watermelons just behind them in this picture. They've all but died.  I guess I'll be buying some of both soon.

Now, something I can't take any credit for.  I have onions getting ready to seed next to the compost pile.  These froze into the beds last year and I pulled them and dumped them.  Why can't the plants I've nurtured do this well?

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