Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The chicks have GOT to go....

... into their house.  They have been driving me crazy.  I guess I'm not the best "Chicken Mommy" especially when there are this many.   We put both halves of Ziva's crate together so the 11 of them could move around better.   

They talk incessantly... they fly back and forth where there is NO space to fly... feathers are floating all over my living room.  It's so hot in the house that they can't seem to get enough water.  Almost all of their feathers seem in except for their necks.  Steve and I are working like crazy on getting the coop and run done.  After all this work, I'd better get a Mother's Day card from at least one of them!

The roost in the run is finished.  I hope it holds up 11 chunky chickens in a few months.  Steve's added another wheelbarrow full of dirt to the run so it's looking ready for their arrival... sooner, rather than later.

Finally got the pine needle mulch into the blueberry beds after continually adding soil for a while.  It seems there are still some gopher runs under the beds and they were sucking soil and water down.  I packed a few wheelbarrow loads of soil into the beds and they finally held water. 

There are babies in all of our bird houses now and parents are flying back and forth with bugs and seeds.  It's rather loud, too.  Raven parents soar overhead with 2 HUGE babes, yelling their heads off (rather like human parents in the yelling regard).  

I was watching some robins when I noticed the one in the above picture.  It's figured out how to drink from the seeping holes in the troughs...

... Mother Nature has been handing down some advice, I see...

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