Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The fir was flying....

... out of the house, finally.  Yep!  Our friends helped us get the Douglas Firs out of the refrigerator in the laundry room and outside where they belong.

They were still green and moist, so I hope they do well.  They did seem to like vegging in the frig.  

I used the water collars, not because it's going to be cold, but to keep Ziva from flattening them.  We had a sort-of assembly line going.  Ken would dig the holes.  Susan would partially fill the chambers so the collar would stand up while more water was added.  We put a few in the burned area hopefully to replace those we lost.

Ten little firs are now scattered across the landscape.  They were much bigger plants than the Blue Spruce we planted last time.  None of them survived.  I guess I can't plant when they are sent if they are sent in Winter.  

I will be evaluating these new trees to see if this is the best method for planting any more I may receive.  

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