Monday, June 6, 2016

Third time's a charm... I hope...

I've now had to replace my tomatoes 3 times.  Not a stellar start this season.

Ok, you're going to need a magnifying glass for this picture, but just to the right of the canning jar is my 1st attempt at growing my own tomatoes.  They started under the grow lights in the house and pretty-much went nowhere.  I planted them outside just to see if they liked that.  NOPE!  The jars were to cover them at night but they didn't help.  

Just to the left in the picture is my second attempt at tomatoes.  Three Roma tomato plants that I was banking on.  They had calcium and light apps of fertilizer and were covered at night... and they went NOWHERE!  
(sure, it's green and lush in the picture but it croaked 2 days later)

So, here we are at my 3rd attempt at having tomatoes this year.  We're still in the middle of smoky, windy and hot days.  So, I planted them deep and added calcium.  No fertilizer until I see if they take.  I've put a large container next to each one with small holes in it to deliver water to the roots.  It's warm at night now so I don't cover them at night.  

Next to them, the spinach has come up and I'm still waiting for the carrot seeds to germinate under the boards.  This bed seems to be working, so why not the tomatoes?

The straw cylinder potatoes have reached 6 inches so I added more straw to their cylinder.  For potatoes that got off to a slow start they seem to have kicked it into high gear.

Steve's out working on the blueberry beds.  It seems to be taking a l-o-n-g time to get those beds finished.  Something always seems to come up and we take time away from them.  

It's a good thing that the plants I bought seem to be handling the wait rather well.

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