Wednesday, June 1, 2016

When did we move to the Smoky Mountains?...

Strange day so far... woke up this morning and noticed smoke filling the house. Looked outside and it looked like there was fog all around.  Nope! Smoke was settling into low spots all around the property.

Quickly closed all windows.  Checked the chicks as I'd left the bathroom window slightly opened last night for ventilation.  They were fine.  Guess the winds have shifted.  Wish that fire in the forest would die.

Went into the kitchen and the counter was covered in ants.  Now WHERE did they come from?  Wonder if they hated the smoke and headed inside seeking relief?


Now that the holiday is over we've been back to working in the garden.  And by "we" I mean me.  Checked on the straw potato cylinder and I was pleased to see some growth going on there.

Yep, there are 5 little plants coming up.  So, soil may be the best way to go for fast potato growth but straw does work.  Now, I just wait to see what harvest is like for both.

The 2 soil cylinders were checked and it was time to add soil.  The plants were up about 6 inches.  I added more soil acidifier and fertilizer.  Then, I piled more straw around the perimeter of each cage.

Then it was pile in more soil just to where the leaves start.  This was a little tricky as some plants are much farther along and not covering the littler ones took some work.  Everyone was watered and now I just sit back and wait to do it all over again.

The rest of the garden is chugging along.  My leaf lettuce, beets, spinach and green onions are up.  Small... but up.  Not one bean seed seems to have germinated.  I added more seeds and I'll know in 7-14 days if they will ever appear.  If not, buying plants later.  The carrot seeds put up a whole 5 sprouts. Not good.  Put in another line of them.  


.... if grayer hair was a crop, I'd be doing well....

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