Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A rose by any other name...

If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.  I specifically won't plant Scarlet Runner beans again because of the Rose Chafer beetle problem that happened when I did.  Well, they showed up on July 2nd.  EVERYWHERE!! People at the parade were swatting them as they watched the parade. People swatted them while they partied at the park.  PEOPLE WERE SWEARING at them while trying to eat park food.

These terrible beetles don't seem to miss the beans AT All because they've descended onto the blueberry plants.  All of the leaves are now just lace.  I can see through each leaf.  I'm disgusted.  All of that hard work and I'm very worried about the plants even making it to next year.  I checked other plants and they are all over the aspen trees too.  I tell you, if I EVER meet Mother Nature in a dark alley....

After a bad picture I'm putting on this great picture.  The butternut and acorn squash plants are doing well (wait a sec while I knock on some wood). They've exploded from last post of them just a few days ago. They've filled the beds and little squash are growing under the canopy of leaves.  I seem to remember Rose Chafer beetles on the zucchini last year, but there are none now (another quick knock on my wooden shelves).

The girls are branching out into eating beet greens along with their broccoli and spinach.  It's hard to tell from this picture but Blackie is now no-longer all black. Her neck ring is starting to show so soon I'll have a hard time picking her out from the other black girls. 

We're hosting the four grandkids for 10 days now.  They were dropped off after the holiday and they are teaching us a few things.  Like, that we never appreciated how quiet it could be here.  Or, that scary rides down a hill in the garden cart can make us breathless.  Or, how dinners were quiet affairs where the food was eaten with decorum and thankfulness.  Ha!  

I don't make the right stuff and they let me know.  We tried a few NEW foods and we're still cleaning stuff off the ceiling... Nah!  But, it was close to that.   

Now, if I could just get them to sleep... when I want... all night long....

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