Monday, July 11, 2016

Hair pulling happening, over beetles...

HATING these beetles.  I'll bet they are a product of Satan's realm.  It reminds me that I'll need to ask God about these and mosquitoes when I see him.  For the LIFE of me I can see no possible reason for them.

June 22, 2016 blog post

Remember how lush and green the blueberry bushes were?  Berries were forming and our excitement was high.

Todays blog post

They are almost dead. Leaves fly off with every breeze.  The stems are still green and pliable so I'm watering them.  I hope this gets them through until Fall when they can sleep and come back alive in the Spring. 

We had a lovely stand of immature Aspen trees.  HAD!  Now their leaves are blowing off in mass amounts.  Those awful beetles have devastated them, too. There are certain native bushes on the property that are covered with beetles. I swear that there wasn't this coverage last year.  

I was lazy and didn't do much planning for this beetle attack because I only had this happen once and on bean plants.  Steve and I will be getting the tulle onto the strawberry beds next and then we may cover everything else under the hoops.  I guess we'll need to figure something out for the blueberry bushes next year.  When we get the fence up around them we'll have to decide what'll work.

The grandkids are still here.  One found a baby Pygmy Nuthatch that fell from a nest.  No nests near it were Nuthatch, though.  It was tangled in nesting material that had wrapped around its leg.  Grandpa Steve untangled it and slipped it into the only Nuthatch nest we could find that was still occupied.  I guess that was the correct thing as it's not been thrust out.

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