Wednesday, July 13, 2016

♫ "I fought the wind and the wind won" ♫ ....

... but JUST barely.   Steve and I decided we needed to get the strawberry bed protected from the beetle onslaught.   The day we picked to get it done was a windy day.   However, the day before was a VERY windy day, so we were feeling optimistic.

I got out the tulle I'd bought.  On the bolt it looks black and easy to see, right? Well, imagine our surprise when it was off the bolt, "cut to fit" and impossible to see.  Oh, and by "cut to fit," I mean hacked to death.

There we were, standing on the "cloud" and on the measuring tape and cutting while the wind was trying to pull it from us.  We'd get the cut piece onto a hoop and it'd be pulled away by another gust.  We could barely see it and did most of the work by feel alone.  MANY clothespins went into keeping it in place.  The bottom was clipped to the hoops by my trusty old binder clips.

This picture makes the hoops look pretty good, but you're not seeing all of the clothespins and mish-mashy pieces of tulle.  

Once we got the hoops sealed in tulle another problem raised its head.  We sealed many beetles into the hoops.  I'd try and prop one open at a time and pull beetles from the plants, but many more flew in than I removed, so I had to stop.  Later, I found doing it at dusk worked as no beetles flew in while I worked.

Since the blueberries are naked and we've sealed off the strawberry bed, the beetles have started on the broccoli, squash and potatoes.  I'm posting this picture of one of our watermelon and squash beds, you know, just in case they're devastated, too.

We're still entertaining the grandkids and Grandpa Steve became a favorite by getting the new, HIGH, zip line working.  At 115' it's much longer than the 70' one the boys had used.  It took some time to find a straight line through the pine trees.  It had to be much higher, too.  It took the boys several tries to let go of the death grip they had on the start ladder, but they eventually went and have been on it since.

The granddaughters were not used to this and were scared of the height.  We solved that by putting a ladder halfway down the line and they had a ball, too.

Well, after all this work I feeling a need for a nap... more to come...

... zzzzzzzzzzz.....

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