Monday, July 25, 2016

I HATE computers... well, maybe not quite.....

... but, I hate Windows 10. Actually, I don't have it downloaded. But I already HATE it. It downloaded for 32 hours but still wasn't done.  I stopped it after it never progressed.  Darned machine... darned mountain internet... darned time spent twiddling with the mouse to keep it from going dark.    

Afterwards, Steve came and comforted me, probably to keep me from throwing the laptop through a window.  He's promised me a dinner out, too. I think I may have scared him a bit with some of the threats I spewed. So, no more Windows 10.  I'll keep using what I have and wait until I need to buy a new computer to get it.  Whew!!.... 


It's dark-ish here now.  I'm not sure if it's rain or smoke doing it, but I'll take the coolness that comes with the sun being dampened.  Still smelling smoke from the closest fire which is still around 5 miles from us.  We get rain every-once-in-awhile but apparently not enough to put out that fire.  This year has been something.

I've had to change the watering plan for the squash beds.  It's about impossible to squeeze between them.  I kept getting bites from something in there and the itching was driving me crazy.  I think it was the ants on every leaf that did it.  I use the watering wand now.  Probably should've sooner, but I'm slow on the uptake.  The bed on the right (acorn and zucchini) is almost as tall as me now.

Something has been visiting the zucchini and leaving its marks.  I'm getting more zucchini than I need, but I still don't want to see this.  Rabbit, or squirrel, I'm coming for you!!

My 1st pumpkin is coming along.  Never grew them before so I'm acting like it's a kid, or something.  All the pumpkin plants are flowering and growing, but this seems to be the only fruit so far.

Our last visitor left today and I'm praying for her safe trip to the east coast. Ziva is missing her doggy visitor already.  Hoping that Ember will come out of her hiding place now.  She's been MIA for weeks.

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