Friday, July 15, 2016

Oh, fir crying out loud...

Yep, I'm almost tearing up over the Douglas Firs and their tenacity.  I can't believe it but they are MAKING IT.   One sec while I run to knock on some wood.

I've watered them every 3 days and was going to do that until I was sure they would make it.  After the lousy outcome for the Blue Spruce seedlings, I was determined to save these little guys.  It seems they are thriving as all, but 1, have put out new tufts of needles and something sorta-like flowers.   One is brown at the crown but still green farther down the trunk.  I hope I can save it so it can join its fellow seedlings in providing beauty to the homestead.

I will probably donate to the Arbor Day Foundation again and await more plants. We've found out that the neighboring empty land might be developed soon and I'd LOVE trees to block the view of whatever may go up there.

This experimental outcome has shown me that any more seedlings I may receive can be safely stored the the refrigerator until Spring comes and they can be transplanted.  

Trying oregano in the chicken's water as it supposedly makes them healthier. Not sure about it but willing to use up some of my oregano.  It's surprising how much one plant can put out.   I had to buy another waterer as these 11 girls are going through lots of water during this heatwave.

They are growing well, huh?  Whitey is the farthest along with her comb the biggest.  She seems to be the bossiest, too.  This pic reminds me that I should rake the run.  I probably clean it more than the house, but hey!

Grandpa Steve has taken the grandkids back home.  They left this morning.  

I will miss the yelling, screaming, tattling, injuries, late nights, big fights ...   ... NOT!

WAIT!... What is that?!... Oh, the quiet is DEAFENING.......

... not!.......

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