Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rib-cracking jolts of thunder...

Yesterday we had a very LOUD day.  First thing in the morning the weather changed to dark and cloudy.  Then, thunder began to build in the distance.  I kept working in the garden until that point where I thought my life was in danger.  We had a great BIG storm after that which almost broke eardrums.

Last night there were more sprinkles.  We were hoping that all the rain would put out the fires near us, but if anything, there seemed to be even more smoke when we headed for bed.  And it was stronger, too.  Hopefully, all of these storms are not creating another forest fire.

Today it's been quiet but I'm hoping for another stormy afternoon.  My potatoes are looking lush and beautiful.  The few remaining beetles think so, too.  Every morning there is 1 grouping of them on each potato cylinder.  It makes it very easy to just scoop up the whole pile and stomp on them.  Sadly, there'll be another grouping each morning. Since their favorite strawberry bed is cordoned off, they are making due with potato and squash leaves.

The 2 far potato bins are morphing into one in this picture.  The close one is the straw bin and it looks even sadder, if that's possible.

Checked my squash count today just to see how things are progressing over last year.  I know Steve will laugh at this, but I'm going to get a spreadsheet done to keep a count of squash harvests.  He asks for my spreadsheet for anything I ask him to do.

Still, in the butternut bed I see 7 butternuts and 1 watermelon (I put a leftover plant there).  Of the 7 butternuts, two are HUGE!  I believe I counted 4 butternuts last year, but my "over 60 senility" may be affecting my memory of the actual number.  I'd like to be accurate so having a record is a must.  

Here are a couple escapees going over the wall.  Ha!  Cop humor....

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