Friday, July 22, 2016

♫"Smoke on the water"♫... uh, landscape...

You know my last post where we were sleeping like logs?  Well, last night we were sleeping like fireplace logs.  Smoke was everywhere.  Seems all of the lightning producing the lovely thunder we've been hearing was also starting ANOTHER fire just 5 miles from us.  That makes 2 fires near us.  What we really need is rain to accompany the fireworks.  

Another storm is brewing now so let's hope for that rain.

I still water the blueberry plants and Douglas Firs and I am tickled that the blueberries seem to coming back.  New leaves on every plant so I'm optimistic about them making it to Fall.  I hope the few beetles still around won't notice these new guys.  Most of the beetles seem to be turning a dark brown and dying.  I'm happy about that.  Hopefully, once we devise our coverings for them, we will get fruit next year.

While watering the blueberry beds I pull weeds and stomp on a few errant beetles.   I'm leaving this "weed" in the bed because it looks suspiciously like a squash plant.  Have no idea where it could've come from but I'll watch it for a while and see what develops.

I ended up pulling a plant that is supposedly romaine lettuce.  It looks nothing like any romaine I've ever seen and I've never pulled it because I wasn't sure about it.  It finally bolted so I threw it to the chickens. They ran from it like I'd put a snake in with them.  They weren't very happy with the broccoli leaves, either.  I guess they need to be wadded-up and put in their treat ball to accept the greens I give them.

Silly chickens..... 

(I'm adding this late, but I'll be switching to Windows 10 this weekend.  You may never see me again... Ha!  Hopefully, nothing goes sideways...)

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