Friday, July 8, 2016

Who wants a grandkid... or four?.....

Well, you CAN'T have them.  OK, I'm saying that now, but I may have made you a deal a few days... hours... minutes ago.  Since our boys have grown and gone I'd forgotten how much work they are... how many fights they get into... how many types of food they won't eat.

We developed a plan for something to do each day, and by we, I mean Aunt Heidi who is also visiting.  As a former nanny she is "down" with what kids like. My one measly plan was to have them paint birdhouses for the homestead.   That took care of one day.  Super Nanny stepped in and planned for the many days after that.  Still, they did well painting and there were no fights.

The aftermath of the crafting.  Four houses that I'm sure the birds will love... or fear.  Ha!  Still, it'll be something when these are hanging from the trees.

They've captured snakes, lizards and other creepies.  I have coffee cans of creatures on the back steps (they've tried to bring them inside but I'm nixing that).  Once they knew how much the chickens will fight over crickets and grasshoppers they've been capturing them and feeding the frenzy in the coop. Everyone is skinned up.  Everyone has blisters.  Everyone is dirty by bedtime. EVERYONE seems to be loving it.

I started working in the garden early this morning.  Slowly each kid joined me. While pulling Rose Chafer beetles off the strawberry plants and stomping on them, I found them helping.  Even the girly-girls were pulling and stomping beetles.  I may make farmers out of them yet.

The 9 year-old grandson has had me tell him everything I've planted as we've walked around the garden.  3 times and counting.  As you see in the picture, the Brussels Sprouts and romaine lettuces are going strong.  I just hope they ripen before Fall.  He was fascinated with the couple-inch-long jalapeƱo growing on its bush.  

I think that soon I'll be having some trouble walking around the beds as the various squash plants are now heading out of the beds and onto the ground. I hope to use garden staples to corral them into a few areas, but...

... these plants have minds of their own.  I'm hoping they stay within the garden.

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