Monday, August 22, 2016

Hope the blueberries appreciate the efforts...

Between storms, the fencing continued and posts were cemented into place.

Steve figured that they needed to sit 7 days to really set-up in the cement. They actually look pretty straight, too.

When he could handle them a little, he put the hinges onto the post we'd decided to use as the gate support.  He got it on and swung the gate for me to see.  I think we both decided that it should swing from another post, so digging will commence on the post needed for it.  The work never ceases.

Not the best picture, but it's showing the 4 bean bushes that have matured enough for a few beans to start forming.   Most of the lettuce in the same trough has been harvested so there should be room for the plants to expand. I'm hoping there is time for a decent harvest before everything dies.

McLean's bird house...

Now I'm headed out to the garage to start getting sale items together for the annual Labor Day holiday Chamber of Commerce sale.  So much Victorian Christmas stuff was left over from last year and I have a bunch of new clothes to wash and hang.  It'll be so nice to have empty containers in the garage...

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