Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mountains worst gardener?....

I've been trying not to think of myself as the worst gardener up here, but this year being what it is.... well, my thoughts have gone down that dark road.  

Why didn't my beans come up after 3 sowings? Why did only 3 tomato plants grow after planting 8?   How come most of my watermelon plants have NO watermelons growing on them?   WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON WITH THE ZUCCHINI?

After Facebooking with other gardeners up here, I'm feeling better.  It seems everyone up here is having an off year.  There seems to be zucchini everywhere and nothing else.  Well, a few say their tomatoes are coming along but nobody has ripe ones yet.  We have no idea what is making this year so bad for our gardens.  I do have to say that I've been blessed with leaf lettuce so I'm ahead of some people. 

Well, and beets... these guys are doing so well up here.  I definitely will grow these golden beets again.  I must find another way to cook them so we don't get tired of them.  Roasting is well and good, but monotonous.

The rundown on my blueberries is still not good.   After their second round of leaves were eaten down to the stem by beetles, they are just barely hanging on. Their stems are still green so I hope they don't die.  

The unknown squash seems to be making it.  It's flowering so I hope I'll know what is growing soon.  It will just get in under the gun if 1 grows.  I'll need to cut the plant back after that.

Potato planter eaten to death.  Most leaves devastated.

Potato planter they seem to have missed.

Tomato Hornworms have hit the potato bins with a vengeance, mostly in one bin.  Stranger thing this year is that I've not seen one on the tomato plants, as every other year I find several that try to eat my tomatoes.  The moths seem to like the potatoes better this year.  The back bed (and picture above this one) has seen 7 worms and counting.  I believe the front bed above has only had 3. They have stripped many leaves from the plants and I'm hoping the plants (like my blueberries) recover.

The chickens find the worms mighty tasty so they don't go to waste.  I get a little perturbed at myself for not catching them quickly.  I search morning and night but I seem to be missing some who hide well.

Well, I'm off the deliver some zucchini and lettuce.  I have one neighbor who doesn't run at the sight of me and my extra produce...  

... although it's getting her to answer her door that's getting harder...

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