Monday, August 8, 2016

My "chicken" chickens....

The chickens received some different treats this past weekend and I think I've found their "sweet" spots.  Seeds still win every time, though.

The first trial... zucchini, carrots and dried squash seeds.  The seeds I keep from any type winter squash we eat and I dry them. I pulse them in a spice grinder to serve.

The girl fought over the seeds, ate most of the zucchini and threw the carrots aside.  These girls are going to be just as picky over carrots as the last group. 

I tried carrots with greens the next day but sliced them thinly on a mandoline. Some were eaten as I don't see many left... that is unless they've been cleverly worked into the dirt so the girls don't get into trouble.

That acorn squash that the rabbit nibbled just went bad from the wounds it received.  I cut it up and dumped it into the run... and again all Hell broke loose. There is just something about chickens loving squash, in any form. 

I made a new dust bath station and put it into the run.  You'd have thought it was the scariest thing ever.  There was a half-hour of just staring at it.  I'm trying this as I now have a lid that can keep rain out.  Hopefully, the girls will use it...

... and not eat the sand and dirt.  They seem to think it's a treat, too.  Once over the fear they all decided to stand in it and eat.

Spent the rest of the weekend pruning all flowers and baby squash, and watermelons, from their vines.  Nipped all the vines back, too.  It's too late for any new ones to ripen and those already on the vines will need all the plant's nutrients to make it before Fall.

I'm a little sad as my squash did not do as well as I'd hoped.... "sigh"...

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