Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Our own form of Olympic "pole vaulting"....

It's been raining for parts of the last several days.  Steve decided that the ground had been soaked enough that he could start back on his fence task. He kind of let that slide.  I guess since there are no healthy blueberry plants to guard that that task could wait.  Just NOT until winter freezes the ground. 

We bought the poles and cement in Show Low and all he needed to do was dig holes.  That is always a hard dig here as there are rocks everywhere and it's all happening on a slope.  YOU try lining poles up in a semblance of straight while on a hill... and do it while not swearing.  He did!  Still, all the holes have been dug and poles are ready for cementing. 

I have very few pumpkins growing so I'm mighty proud of this one.  The orange color is just starting.  There's one other going in a trough so getting these 2 safely to harvest is a priority.  All of the squash are covered each night to keep these lovelies just for me.... and Steve.

Today I trimmed all runners below fruit from the squash plants and cut off flowers, except for zucchini.  The squash (and that is pumpkins, acorn, butternut AND watermelons, in my mind) that are growing are all now in a race to ripen before freezing hits.  I love that I can walk between the squash beds again and it's easier to get the netting around the beds without all the extra greenery.

My carrots did very well this year (yeah, I know there are some freaks there). I pulled a bunch yesterday so I could get beef stew going in the Crock Pot today.  Chopped carrots, potatoes, onions and browned the beef.  I filled the pot and let it go all day. An hour before serving, I added 2 jars of my canned zucchini chunks and some mushrooms.  After dinner, I had enough for several freezer bags, too.

It'll be fun when I have my own potatoes to make stew from later...

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