Friday, August 5, 2016

The morning show....

... and we missed it. Oh, we heard it, but have no proof of it.  Noticed the funny sounds from the coop this morning but Steve couldn't grab the camera and get there before they stopped.  He says he'll be ready to sprint there next time (see, he's always dressed first thing in the morning whereas I stay in pj's until gardening time).  

It's been raining and dark most of the day so the pictures are dark.  Had a touch of sun this morning, but I wasn't fast enough to get out there then.  I had to do some improvising in the tomato trough.  I didn't plan on the height the tomatoes have reached and they have leaves caught in the bird netting. So, a garden sculpture and a pipe with a jar on it will have to do the net-lifting job for now.

All, but one, broccoli have nice-sized heads in them now.  We'll need to wait a while to eat them, but the girls are already enjoying leaves for snacks.

Today's special treat was a tomato that had started to go soft.  I love having garbage disposals in the garden.  Either the chickens or the compost pile get fed.  

Not a really good picture of Rooster, but he's getting in some glossy black feathers around his neck and near his tail.  Since we know his cock-a-doodle-doo is in, too, I wonder what we should do.  Steve doesn't want to cull and process just one... too much work.  I guess I can ask around and see if anyone wants him.  Probably wishful thinking.

Wait... that's why we received an extra chick... 

... Someone knew he'd be leaving... 

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