Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A trim, a bath and everyone's set...

Yesterday nothing got done because of wet and rainy weather.  It was so cold that I sat on my heating pad with a blanket around me.   It's very sad how little cold I can take after so many years up here.  Days like that are made for catching up on recorded movies though.

The "survivors" of the purge (terrible movie) had their flight feathers cut off today.  They acted afraid of us so I believe they thought their numbers were up, too.  Nope!  They just got their trims so they can be free to roam the garden enclosure without taking off.  When we were done, they all got sunflower kernels as a treat.

We opened the gates and expected them to rush out.  For weeks they've tried to get through the gate as I was closing it anytime I opened it, but when allowed to go... they wouldn't.  Well, for about 20 minutes, then they cautiously took a couple steps.  They immediately went to the grasses and started eating them. Then, they'd turn on a dime and run back into the run. Funny birds.  I put their food outside the area to get them to wander farther.

I'd cleaned their dust bath station but it was ignored.  They made a hole and took baths in their own preferred space.  

After a couple hours we allowed Ziva to enter the garden.  Man, the howling she did because she was left out for that time.  Sheesh!  She had to be "reminded" that she wasn't to run at them, but soon she was very casual about being close to them.  They were wary of her but soon treated her like the former girls had.

So, this eventful day was over with minimal problems.  Everyone had calmed down from Monday's culling and I think Steve and I were forgiven.  I'm going to do Fall "house" cleaning in the coop tomorrow and will get straw in the there for the 40's that have now arrived.

Then, Fall cleaning continues in other areas of the garden.....

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