Friday, September 9, 2016

Actors, to your marks...

It was really hard to get motivated in the garden today.  It was breezy and slightly warm so I sat in my comfy garden chair (always a bad idea before work) and became unmotivated quickly.  Ahhhh...

Ok, I did eventually get up and check on my obviously starving chickens.  I say this because they were frantic to get my attention and making a big amount of noise like they were passing away in seconds.  I checked their food and they had plenty.  I'm sure this act they had perfected was just so they could get greens and seeds.  

It looks like we will be minus a few of them outside on Monday (NO shrieking Heidi) as some move into the freezer.  There is just no way we can keep this amount of hens, as even Ziva couldn't deal with the excess amount of eggs we'd deal with.  Just seeing them all crammed into the coop at night makes that a priority.  They are almost at laying age and I'll need to open the 2 nesting boxes soon.  I can just see 10 trying to get into those 2 boxes at once. It was a mess with just 5 hens.

Steve asked how I'd decide which were going.  I will be picking those who ARE NICE TO ME.  Those that let me pick them up are at the top of the list. 
Auditions to commence....

The potatoes are looking bad, so I'm feeling good. Talked to my "potato whisperer" in the valley and she says to let them die completely.  That's going to be hard as I'm so excited to see how the potatoes will turn out.  So far they seem to be another one of those plants on the roster for next season.  The bin in the background is the straw bin.  It looks really bad now, but it's always been a sickly-looking bin.  Another straw bin is NOT in the cards.

Don't let the picture fool you... these measly 6 strawberries are only each about the size of a nickel (well, one dime in there, too).  They are from the ever-bearing plants that are going away this Fall.  I nibbled on them before throwing the hulls to the chickens (produced a backflip from one girl).

This picture is for all of you out there that may know what they are.  I was going to pull this plant from the blueberry bed but my curiosity got the better of me.  Since the birds planted it I just have to know what it is.  I cut back all vines except this one section and I'm letting it go until it ripens or shrivels when frost gets here.  That is unless someone knows what it is.

They seems very round, like cantaloupe or honeydew melons.  The plant has squash leaves like my pumpkins.  Anyone recognize them?

Heading into the garage to check on Steve.  His new bike was delivered and he's either putting it together, or he's just staring at it lovingly....

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