Monday, September 26, 2016

Bookworm in the garden beds....

We had a long lazy weekend where not a lot got done.  It's a tad warmer now and I lazed in a chair while the girls ran around.  I noticed that "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"* came out in theaters so I grabbed my Kindle* and re-read the book during that time.  I also found out that there are 2 other books in the series so, of course, I had to download them.  I hope the movie(s) are as good as the books.

The zucchinis were still going strong and I found myself wondering how long it takes for them to die. Each plant has an enormous squash on it, so maybe they'll go soon?   A rabbit has been visiting these beds again, but only sampling the zucchini, so the acorns are safe for now.  Still wonder how that is accomplished as I've ringed the beds with more netting that I've EVER used before.

I read up on the Brussels' Sprouts since Winter is so close.  I need them to ripen quickly.  Read that I should cut off the tops so, I did.  I really hope this gets them to ripen faster.

Most of the butternut squash bed looks naked as almost all leaves have died back.  Here I've taken out any plant that didn't have a squash attached.  I also moved the butternut and, what I thought was a watermelon (now a pumpkin), from where they were hanging down the side.  I really want to keep them away from whatever is eating the zucchini.  In the background you'll notice the huge zucchini on that plant.

This is the only pumpkin that grew in the troughs.  Well, it's really down the side of the hill, but its roots were in a trough.  None of the other plants did anything. Its leaves died back a while ago so I cut it loose.  I think it now looks like a sitting duck for something to eat.  I may have to move it somewhere.

*“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

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