Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Scaredy Cat has appeared...

The homestead is back to normal after the holiday with the grandkids. Ziva moped a bit after they left and Ember, the cat, showed up after disappearing for the entire time.  I hardly noticed she wasn't around but Steve said she was keeping to herself on top of the china cabinet.  I guess we now know she's NOT a party cat.

Today was a good harvest day.  Several small florets on the broccoli plants, 3 green onions, a bunch of Roma tomatoes have reddened and yes, a measly 5 green beans. Still, plenty for the two of us.  The tomatoes are a blessing as I was thinking they'd never ripen before frost.

I'm working on overcoming my OCD and resisted plucking anymore zucchini. I see them and my hand reaches out... and then I remember that I want them to DIE!  So, each plant has one, or more, squash growing.  

I'm not sure how big they'll get but I do remember a few that were 2 1/2 feet+ and more that had gotten away from us during our harvests years ago. That was when we lived in the valley and we were feeding the whole neighborhood zucchini... surreptitiously in the middle of the night. 
So, I'm expecting huge squash before these plants croak.

The acorn squash plants have all started yellowing, too.  They seemed to be hardier than the butternuts but the cold at night has started the wilt.  Steve hopes we can save the squash that were nibbled by the rabbit or whatever it was.  Anyone know if they are safe to eat if the nibbled area is cut away?

Some rain in our area today from Mexico's Hurricane Nelson spinning into a tropical storm.  Not what we'd expected after viewing the news channels.  It looked like we'd REALLY get it.  Still, I love the overcast skies and cool weather....

.... thinking of perusing the internet for Halloween items...

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