Monday, September 12, 2016

Winner... winner... chicken dinner....

Our plans today almost didn't happen as we awoke to rain and thunder. Steve wasn't in the mood to cull chickens and tried to derail getting things done.  He probably was sad that the sun came out and things moved along at noon, but he did help get stuff done.

Five chickens are now in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours and then they will hit the freezer.  When we first started we were back to being amateurs at the job, but it was actually like riding a bike and did come back to us.  This time neither of us was poked by a knife either.  

I changed the location of the plucking barrel to right on top of the compost pile. Moving all those feathers last time was awkward and several blew away. Tomorrow I'll just turn them into the pile and things should stay neater.

The other hens have been a little skittish so they got food with some seeds. I'm sorry we needed to do this but there was just no room for them in the coop and I only have space for 2 nesting boxes.  Nobody had started laying so the time was right. 

I harvested my only regular jalapeño and one of the Coolapeños that seems to have made it.  I'll let you know what we think of the Coolapeño and if it is "cooler" than a regular one.  There is 1 big pepper on the yellow pepper plant that may make it to ripe and a tiny red pepper that may not be worth eating. I can't see wasting garden space for peppers again, but since some strawberry plants are going, I may give it another try. 

Each zucchini plant has a HUGE squash growing, but I pulled a couple of the smaller ones.  I told Steve my plans to stop them from producing anymore but he said he still wants to eat some.  He'll get a zucchini cheese casserole tonight...  

... he earned it...

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