Monday, October 3, 2016

Windy weather surrounds the homestead...

EVERYONE stayed inside today, even the chickens, which they did NOT like.  I tried to get out to them and felt I was walking at a 45 degree angle.  The winds are amazingly high and everything is flying around.  After a face full of pine needles and other debris, I threw them some seeds so they won't hate me and ran back inside.  


Yesterday was very nice outside and I was able to get some gardening done. Turned over the dirt in the west trough and added some sand.  It was the better of the two troughs last year, but this year it reverted to being a bad one.  Water seemed to have as hard a time getting through the soil there this year as the east trough had last year. Some of my carrots rotted below the soil line as water wouldn't drain well.

I also added straw to the Douglas Fir seedlings.  I'd looked up online and several places noted that they need some type of insulation to get through the Winter.  I guess they're usually in pine needles.  This seedling has gone from 2 feet to about 4 feet.  I never knew they grew that fast. Of the other 9, 1 is still trying to make it after losing all, but one, branch.  A couple others are in the tallish category and a couple are small, but alive.

My one, and only, yellow pepper was harvested as I was afraid for it's life.  It's cold at night and I know they don't like that.  It was destined for dinner last night.  Of the other peppers.... we tried the red regular jalapeño and the red Coolapeño that actually made it.  Steve said he didn't notice a real difference in their hotness and my Irish palate only noticed hot from both.  It was a cool (pun) experiment, but they are not coming back.  Hot-loving plants just aren't doing well in the mountains.

The yellow pepper was delicious in a pan of chicken fajitas.  It's probably still my favorite way of eating peppers.  I used some of our tomatoes and green onions for the meal, too.  

After dinner, the rain and wind that is here now was building all around us.  I love going to sleep to storms.  My big problem is that I like them so much that I go to sleep instantly and miss the sounds...

... which are replaced by the thunderous licking sounds that Ziva produces and the windy machine CPAP sounds that surround Steve.  THEY are nothing like Mother Nature's sounds and not as easy to sleep through...

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