Friday, October 7, 2016

Garden cleanup coming along well...

Worked for quite a while in the garden today as temps were nice.  It was the day to dig out all the acorn plants and gather the squash. Those plants did the black leaf thing, but they also just went brown.  

Lots of small squash, probably because I didn't thin them.  There were a couple tiny ones that seemed to have detached somewhere along the line and didn't go anywhere.  Next year, only allowing 2 per plant.

So, two beds are now empty and cleaned out.  Used a claw tool on them and aerated them.  Now, I just need to get compost to cover them for Winter.

Waited quite a while to finish off the tomatoes.  The leaves died in the freeze but they held onto the tomatoes.  All those little tomatoes are frozen, though. So, they've been cut down.  

While working there, the chickens all came over like they thought there were some special treats I was denying them.  I ended up cutting all the frozen fruit into pieces, mainly for the compost pile, but I did throw some around for the girls.  There was a flurry of activity but they soon tired of the damaged fruit.

While taking a break I noticed a tableau of sorts.  Chickens were digging... while dog was digging... while hubby was digging.  Steve's off to the right behind bushes.  He was tucking fence into the ground by the blueberry beds.

I took the acorns into the house and lined all of them up with the butternuts and pumpkins.  Eight butternuts, 6 pumpkins and 12 acorns.  Wow!  

I did weigh some of the butternuts and the top 3 were 4.14 lbs, 3.14 pounds and 3.13 pounds.  The porker squash was the 5th one from the left.  

I think I now need to rest my arm... a little sore from patting myself on the back...

... Ha!....

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