Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016...

I still feel a little sad that we have no foot-traffic in the mountains.  The thought of scaring trick-or-treaters enough that they seriously had to think about approaching our valley house still makes me emotional.   I've found it very hard to get rid of most of our decor as I'm still hopeful I'll use it again.

I pulled out a few things for us to see each night.  It's helping me cope.  The orange lights help in the cozy feeling I was going for since it's cold at night. I bought a "trick-or-treater" just to help me further my recovery.  It doesn't talk or ask for treats so it's really not the same.


We've getting a beautiful assortment of eggs now.  I know the light egg is from a black hen and now it's apparent that the dark brown were the red hens. Not exactly sure who laid the "chocolate milk" egg.  Not all eggs come out looking so ... clean.  They are all still laying the eggs on the dirt floor and some get kicked around and poopy messy.  Yuck! I put ceramic eggs in the nesting boxes but still have dumb hens.

I'm still checking on the Douglas Firs until a deep freeze takes hold.  They get water and their straw checked.  I fill the water chambers on their water-walls when evaporation takes it down.  I find a few drowned birds still.  They try to drink from the walls and fall in headfirst.  We have water out all over the place so I can't figure why they take the chance.

Something has gnawed on 3 of the water-walls, too.  So there is something out there thinking that there is no water around.  I don't see rabbits doing it so I may have to blame this on the dreaded SQUIRRELS! They are truly my nemesis on the homestead.

Ziva needs to pick up her patrols and take out a few more of them...

Well, have a Happy Halloween... think of us when you see a REALLY scary house... then approach it....

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