Thursday, October 20, 2016

More work for Winter... will it EVER end?...

Still working on winterizing the garden.  I needed to get sand into the east trough (the tomato bed) to get it to drain a little better.  It did better than the west trough which was the "good" one last year, but reverted to the "bad" one this year.  Trying to figure out what is going on with the troughs has given me more than one headache.

The west beds are now ready for Winter, other than getting their top-dressing of compost.  I will change the wires over the beds, but probably in Spring. After the problem with the tomatoes growing through the bird netting, I see that they all should be raised.  They always seemed to grab my hat, too, so I can do without that aggravation.

Ziva did very little while I worked.  It was nice and warm in the sun, so her motivation went.  If you look behind her, you can see many piles of dirt left by her nemesis'.   All of a sudden the gophers are really making a mess.  I've fallen into a few holes and was hoping she would fix things for me.  "Sigh"  I guess it was too much to ask.

I finally got the last, and third, turkey roasted so I have room for the 3 I'll get in November.   I ended up getting six casseroles made and frozen: one 8x8 pan and 5 4x8's.  Can't wait to be eating Thanksgiving dinners... before Thanksgiving gets here again.  Yum!

Steve had some excitement in the garage when a hawk flew in and couldn't get out.  It happens a lot with birds but mainly hummingbirds.  They head for the skylights and can't figure out why they can't get free.  This was a beautiful guy (gal?) and Steve ran in to get the camera.  It did get out eventually, but it was exhausted.  Perched on a tree limb for an hour before it was able to leave.

Ziva sat out there and watched it like a "chuckle" hawk.  She must've really wanted to help it recover.... sure... that's the reason...

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