Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mr. Freeze did his darndest.....

Yesterday, we had our season-ending freeze and the garden is almost kaput. In some ways it's sad, but in others it makes me kinda happy.

Yes, the growing is almost over, but it means that Halloween is almost here... that Thanksgiving is almost here... THAT CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!  
Wooh, go that off my chest.  I feel the end of the year coming FAST....

The freeze also meant that I had a lot of work to get done.

The squash beds melted down to black leaves.  I worked on the butternut bed and cut all the squash loose and hacked all the plants out.  It was cathartic. The old is gone and the new squash meals are already being planned.

I found one more butternut that I hadn't seen under all the greenery, so that's a nice surprise.  Eight huge butternuts, not the 2 kinda-large and 2 dinky ones of last year.  

The small pumpkin beds melted down to nothing, too.  I pulled all the plants out there and got the harvest harvested.  I loaded them all into trugs and found I couldn't lift the green one.  Steve helped me carry that into the house. This was my best squash year, ever.

The freeze took out the "surprises" growing in the blueberry bed.  So, today it gave me the impetus to find out what they were.  

Turns out they were cantaloupes, although I was pretty sure once the veining showed up.  They were orange inside, but didn't smell ripe.  Tried a lick and they were still sour.

The girls thought they were great eating, though.  There were a couple fights as they went for the seeds.

I still have dead plants to dig out.  Guess that leaves me with tomato duty tomorrow.

Still looking for someone who might want free strawberry plants.  Their leaves are much more raspberry colored but they didn't seem to die back at all.  The Brussels Sprouts look a little droopy but are still living.  The broccoli didn't have any problems that I saw. 

Heading in to organize my squash and pumpkin sweeties.  I think I'll also do a bit of weighing to see why I couldn't lift that trug...

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