Monday, October 17, 2016

Perk, compost... perk!.....

The garden is almost Winter ready.  Most beds are cleaned and ready for compost.  Only have the strawberry, Brussels Sprouts and broccoli beds to do.  I hate to pull and throw strawberry plants away but I've not had anyone come forward who wants them.

Finally got all the dirt and straw from the potato bins into the compost pile.  It took several trips but...

... the pile is looking better, though it still doesn't seem like enough to cover all the beds.  I turn it frequently so it perks faster.  I hope that's not slowing things down instead.  

I remember needing 2 years worth of compost to really cover the beds and that was before the straw bales became new beds.  Just the two of us can't make a large enough pile in one year and I emptied it last year.

All the garden doodads have gone into the shed for Winter.  I guess it's time for the fairies to find Winter lodgings in Mexico.  We pulled the hummingbird feeders inside on October 1st (a month late).  Hopefully the fairies and hummingbirds will enjoy warmer days and nights there.

I pulled a few Brussels Sprouts for Steve for dinner.  He's more into them so I figured he got the first taste.  I roasted them and he said they were great.  I can't wait to try some.  Not sure if that'll be happening as the cold has really slowed them down.

Have company coming up for a few days, so I guess dusting needs to commence....

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