Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunny October days...

We've had clear skies since Monday, which meant no clouds... which meant we were really into freezing at night.   Which meant THE LAST POTATO PLANT DIED!  Yea.

I was really ready, too.  The grand experiment was almost over.  I couldn't wait to get to it and I ended up pulling another 60 potatoes out (136 total). This bin was the one I almost ruined, though it did fine until everything died. It also had the biggest potatoes of the bins. 

The littlest potato is the size of kernel of corn.  The potato at the top of the picture and exactly in the center is the strangest one I found.  It looks like 2 potatoes but it's one that grew around a root and is half light and half dark.

I'll be moving the dirt and straw over to the compost in a couple days. This experiment was my best, so far.  Can't wait for next year.  Already have plans in my head for the bins.

When I pulled all the frozen squash plants out, I'd kept the large zucchini that I had hoped would kill the plants.  The girls have gotten them as treats.  The last one went yesterday.  I had to employ Steve to cut it as I couldn't get the bayonet through the skin.

They really like those seeds.  As they wander through the day they come back and eat the flesh. Later, I put what's left inside the run at night.  I'm glad there is still some fresh things for them to eat... besides the broccoli leaves.... which they may be tired of.  

I've had a breakthrough, of sorts, with the dusting bath station.  They ignored it and just dug into the dirt under the bushes.  I found "Runt" finally using it. She didn't bathe in it.  She seemed to just like sunning in it.  Still, they will need to accept it in Winter when there's no dry dirt to use.

I see a test of wills happening soon....

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