Monday, October 10, 2016

This season is almost over...

Well, it looks like it's time to go to the Winter blog schedule of Monday and Thursday.  The garden is almost kaput.  I'll make those 2 posts as full as possible.


It's beautiful during the day, except yesterday when it rained most of the day. Strange thing was that it was sunny and yet, still raining.  Ziva and I sat under the coop roof while the chickens would alternate between running in it and sitting with us.

I'd been waffling between battening down the coop for Winter and waiting out the nice days.  The nights, however, are still freezing which the birdbath can attest to.  I finally just did it to get it over with.  So, insulation is in the windows to keep the drafts out and the pop door is lowered down to "just passable."

Only two girls still seem to be laying eggs.  Only two have any real comb going so probably them.  The eggs were showing up in the ground nest box... until yesterday.  No egg when I checked.  Later, while fluffing the straw in the coop I found one under the straw.  Looks like it was laid and then hidden.  Today I found another egg under the straw in the opposite corner.  SOMEBODY likes playing games.  

The Brussels Sprouts are still green but now a little pink is on them.  I still pull droopy leaves and cut them up for the compost.  This still brings the girls around looking for some scraps.  Yet, if I hold a whole leaf out for them to eat, it's ignored.

A few sprouts look like they've reached edible size.  They are nowhere near the size of sprouts in the store, 'cause I checked.  Those sprouts were about quadruple the size of mine and look like no sprouts I've ever seen in a store, or on a restaurant plate.  HUGE!  I may pick a few and try them out.

Steve is almost done with the blueberry enclosure.  He leveled the ground because I can fall over any lump or twist my ankle in any hole.  Here he's adding the cinder gravel over ground cloth to keep weeds out and make it pretty.  He's only got to dig 2 holes for pipes between the middle beds to hold temporary poles when bird netting needs to be up.  Hopefully it's done next week.

I harvested the second bin (first dirt bin) of potatoes and found 50.  Yes, a couple are dinky, but for my 1st year I'm in heaven.  This bin was the one I DIDN'T mess up by pulling the cage off.  That one is still dying off.

There is a definite difference when growing in dirt or straw.  The straw potatoes were cleaner except for the nasty black, slimy, straw.  These dirt ones were muddy until I dried them, then washed them.

Not sure when I'm going to cook one.  Seventy-six down and how many to come?  Maybe the last bin will be ready soon and I can admire all of them at once...

... in scalloped, or mashed, or baked form?...

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