Thursday, October 27, 2016

Windy weather worries winged fowl...

Today was a windy day and I wondered if the girls would head out of their coop. It's usually around 40 at night now and about 57 when I head out to the coop, though the wind dropped the temps until warming at noon.  I opened the doors and noticed they didn't run out like the maniacs they usually act like.

They finally headed out when I dumped their "kibble" in the treat bowl. Today's "breakfast of champions" was tomatoes and ground-up pumpkin-squash seeds.  They wouldn't come out just for me, though.  Sad!

I'm still waiting patiently (OK, not) for the Brussels Sprouts to FINISH UP ALREADY!  They are holding up pretty well to the freezes but they are not expanding those buds.  

I took this picture because I wonder why they've grown well only on the south end of the bed.  They got sun overhead most of Spring/Summer so they all got plenty.  Now they are in some shadow as the sun has gone to Winter mode. 

Still, they seem to have not liked their place.  Next year I'll see about changing the layout.  For now I just want to eat some.  

We finally ate our first homegrown acorn squash this week.  Even though small, they were great.  The seeds are washed and dried on a paper towel for the chickens and the shells are cut into pieces for the compost.  Love the cycle of life that happens on a homestead.

I tried a new recipe (well, almost new) for pork chops.  It is pork chops cooked on a bed of apples and covered with stuffing.  

The apples required were canned apple pie filling.  I made it that way before and we thought them too sweet.  I used canned fried apples this time and it was perfect.  The topping is boxed Stove Top* which is salty enough to give the whole dish some zing.  Not sure where I found this recipe, but Pinterest* may be the source.  

Anyway, it's so easy that no recipe is needed.  Put canned apples in dish (1-2 cans depending on chops cooked), salt and peppered THICK pork chops and top with prepared stuffing mix.  I'd give a baking time but I have no idea what it turned out to be.  Most recipes say to bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, or until pork is completely done. In the mountains I just keep checking on it until the pork is barely pink.  I think it was almost an hour here.  Find it online and follow the directions.

Halloween is celebrated in our park on Saturday night.  I love Halloween, but I can't think of a reason to go.  No kids, it'll be cold...blah...blah...blah.

I'm thinking on Saturday I'll light-up my decorations and put on a scary movie...

...then, I'll celebrate again on Monday the 31st... Stay safe out there....

*“I have not received, nor expect to receive, any compensation for items mentioned in the blog that I like, or may suggest to the viewers.  The items are just something that works/worked for me.  The Irish Lady.”

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