Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Berry" good improvements around...

I was watching the girls working their way through the compost pile.  They spend a lot more time there now that there is hardly any grass in the garden.  I'm sure they think it's my fault.  I feel I get a scolding when I enter the area. Anyway, they dig through the pile more.

I went outside the garden to check on Steve's doins' and they followed my movements.  It made me notice that they've chucked a lot of compost through the fence.  I guess I'll add another job to Steve's "honey do" list for next season.  Leftover rabbit fencing comes in handy and lining the fence should keep most of it inside the pile.

The cold is giving some gorgeous color to the blueberry plants.  Electric maroon colors are popping up.  I'm surprised the plants haven't dumped their leaves. The aspens and poplars are bare so I thought the blueberries would follow suit. Nope!  In a way I'm happy that they have tenacity.  They had to produce 3 sets of leaves this year, so I must have super plants.  Can't wait to see what they do in Spring.

I was at the enclosure because Steve was deciding what he was going to do with it.  He had put weed barrier and cinders down except for the center aisle. I thought we could just finish covering and put the pipes for the central poles in next year.  

The work bug bit him and he decided to just get it done.  He worked very hard on digging the 2 holes we'd need.   We'll cement larger poles into the ground that will hold pipes to suspend bird netting in Spring.  We haven't decided if the poles will stay there during the year or just be put up until harvesting is over. I'm for less work and leaving them up.  

Maybe the pipes will help with holding tulle up when those AWFUL beetles come again next year.  I ordered another bolt of the black tulle and it's ready for the worst the beetles can muster.... oops....

... shouldn't have said that... they'll take it as a challenge...

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