Monday, November 28, 2016

Blue and red.... fingers.....

Well, Winter has arrived.  We'd been told that this was going to be a "La NiƱa" year and be dry through winter.  It hasn't started off that way though and we've proved the naysayers wrong.  It's unusual to have snow at Thanks-giving and in a dry year I wouldn't expect any.  As our visitors left on Saturday the rain started and it turned to snow by evening.

I was sweating about getting the blog post out today as we've not had dependable internet access since Friday.  And by sweating... I mean freezing.

This is still one of my favorite sights... a snowy garden.  Being a Valley-of-the-Sun girl, it still gets to me that I live where it snows.  Steve's become a maniac about making fires to keep us warm, so I think he's also having some fun. 

The girls are a little mad that they aren't being let out in the cold. Steve and I went out to feed, treat and water them this morning.  They received scrambled eggs, crushed tortilla chips and some sunflower seeds.  Sounds kinda gross but they loved it.  Steve accidentally dumped the water fount into the coop while filling it so we spent more time raking the wet straw out and refilling the coop with dry straw.  The girls didn't even notice as they ate their warm breakfast.

I forgot past lessons when it gets really cold here though.  I must find my gloves because just a few minutes outside in the wind makes all feeling leave the fingers.  They're frozen when outside but there's no pain.  The pain starts when I warm them in warm water inside.  YIKES!  

I found time to check the blueberry garden.  There's only a few leaves left on them so I guess it's close to time for fertilizing and adding pine needles as mulch.  I still think that they held onto their leaves much longer than they were supposed to.  

Back inside and time to sit by the fire.  I think I won't be heading outside any more today.  

Yeah, it's been 5 years living up here, but it's going to take many more before this cold is something my body handles well.  I'd make the "live long and prosper" sign but my fingers won't move...

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