Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chickens and turkeys....

It's been cold at night for a week now, and by cold, I mean around 25 degrees. The strawberries are turning more beautiful, if that's possible.  I wonder if they ever go totally maroon before they die back?  I'll need to put them to bed sometime soon, but it's still not time.

The girls have no grass left and I find them checking out the last two veggies (and probably swearing about the netting).  A couple fly up on top and think they can get to the plants from there.  NOPE!

The plants are really not growing anymore so I'm slowing pulling parts of them off for the hens. Only a few Brussels Sprouts left on a couple of the plants and they'll go quickly.  I'm a little surprised that the sprouts and broccoli leaves are still green.  

Steve and I did a modification to the garden.  It required a loooong electrical cord.  The girls were fascinated with it and kept looking at it like it may have been a snake or worm.

(An aside here, we asked four companies up in our mountains for an electrical job so there was electricity in the garden.  Two came out to inspect and give an estimate; two never bothered.  Of those two who came out, neither gave an estimate for costs. For the life of me, I can't see any business turning down a job when there are so few customers up here.  So, a cord was needed again) 

The result is the heated fount is back in the coop until Spring.  The girls have feathers but I can't see living in 25 degrees without some creature comforts.

As for our "creature comforts" at Thanksgiving; trips made and food bought. 

We almost thought we were at an auction while buying the turkeys.  At the meat coolers, people milled about while one lone guy opened boxes.  He'd call out the poundage and someone would yell "I'll take it."  We went through that 3 times for the 3 turkeys we get each year.  One is now in the refrigerator and two in the freezer.  

We are now hoping that the kitchen is in some sort of order by Thursday...

... at least I AM.  Steve is unusually calm and that has me worried...

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