Monday, November 7, 2016

Coop cleaning... compost feeding....

I had a few more pictures of Steve working so hard on getting the cabinets and pantry out of the kitchen.  They were taken before the cabinets were picked up by the neighbors.  I'm not sure what we'll do with the shelving, but they'll go somewhere.  Hate to waste anything.

We now have holes in the ceiling and the floor from all the nails and screws. Not sure what we'll do there, but at some point there will be flooring done throughout the house and ceiling tiles overhead.   Without those cabinets along the wall, the kitchen seems to have expanded.

I decided to change the straw bedding in the coop one more time.  It's been warm enough not to close the coop up for Winter.  I usually do deep-litter throughout the winter and wouldn't have changed it now, but they seemed to have done some extra messes.   So, it's all fresh and sweet smelling.

Steve helped by getting the used straw all turned into the compost.  It's so great that he comes from a farming family and has a strong back.  Yeah, they were mostly dairy and watermelon farmers, but he's working out well in chicken-raising, too.

I think he deserves an extra nice dinner and freedom to watch the football games on TV tonight...

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