Monday, November 21, 2016

First fire and... chaos....

We have snow flurries going on right now.  They couldn't have come at a better time.  The Christmas decor is still going up and a few Thanksgiving things have been thrown into the mix.  Company starts arriving at noon on Wednesday so we're also trying to clean.

We had decide on a fire in the fireplace this morning.  It's a learning curve we need to figure out each year.  Will it start right away or will Steve fight with it for hours?  Can he get it hot enough to draw BEFORE the flue is opened or will we be smoked out?  After opening the flue, will the wind outside blow down the chimney and force the smoke into the house?

Chaos in the blog title summed it up perfectly.  Steve started the fire.  Smoke stated to escape into the room.  Ember, never having seen fire evidently, was fascinated with the flames.  Ziva edged in to watch.  More smoke.  Steve opened flue but smoke didn't obey and leave.  Ziva edged in more and Ember crept a little closer.  Then....

..... our brand new carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, which had just been installed, went off....

I believe Ember almost hit the ceiling when she flew straight up off on the couch.  Ziva yelped, then ran to the detector making the most noise and started barking at it.  Ember hit the ground and leapt up behind the TV to hide.  Ziva ran to the arcadia door hoping for an exit from the noise.  

Steve... started laughing.  I completely forgot I had a camera and let all this go undocumented.  I do believe we now know everyone has a good, strong heart.


The girls weren't allowed out today as I didn't need any sick hens.  I pulled a Brussels sprout plant and threw it into their run.  It had a few sprouts left on it and the leaves so I think'll forgive me for not letting them out.

Emptied the last of the family room decor.  I'll get a pic of that tree onto the blog on Thursday.   Just as an aside,  I use old sheets for cushioning the glass items.  Remember when everyone had seafoam and peach as household colors?  Well, I remember.  Seeing these sheets makes it a reality.  Now, nobody would be caught dead with those colors, yet how to reuse them?  You see how I did it.

All 3 trees are completed and the rooms are done.  Today, it was also time to get the beds changed and ready.

I made potato salad today with my own potatoes.  First time too.  Working with fresh potatoes has given me a few problems.  They microwave MUCH faster and become hard.  They have a distinctly "soil" smell and flavor, even when peeled. I guess store potatoes have dried out much more and that smell goes away?  I wondered how they would do as a salad.  It was good, but earthy tasting.

Steve got a few practice rounds in with his circular saw and making a 45 degree angle.  I've now accepted that the place will be in shambles for Thanksgiving, but that's life with my hubby.  He hopes to get a few boards up before company arrives.  They should hope it'll be done and stuff put away before they arrive...

... or I see him cajoling our guests into helping out...

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