Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cold as an Alaskan... summer...

Now, I actually don't know how cold an Alaskan summer is, but I'm betting parts of Alaska still see 13 degrees in summer.  That's what we've been seeing over night up here, so I'm feeling we, somehow, were relocated to Alaska.

First thing out today and I felt parts of me had frozen solid.  

Before letting the hens out I dumped the kitchen compost bucket.  It had rind from last night when I cooked my own butternut squash (by the way, it was wonderful).  I dumped before they could attack the pile as I've learned that 6 hens can seriously hurt the person carrying the bucket.  I'm also old enough to not want to be tripped by crazy chickens.  They enjoyed every single piece thrown out there, too.

The garden greens are totally kaput now, so it was time to start sprouting seeds for them.  I've got 4 jars started in the spare bedroom.

This is their first rinsing.  Everyday it's rinse and set back into bedroom until some sprouts show up. Then, they move into a sunny window (if that happens) and I wait for some greenery to show up.  Several other jars are going to get started as I expect these to go quickly.

Steve had a task slow him down in the kitchen.  His brother straightened him out on how and where to put these live wires.   We were going to cap them and place them in the wall.  NOPE!  They get capped and put into a box and a flat cap goes over everything.  He took considerable time deciding where to make the hole, so today was shot...

... which was probably a good thing.  Too cold to venture out... 

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